Friday, 4 March 2011

On fridges and rice

I'm still not quite used to this whole blog thing. I've been on jaypee long enough to be pretty negatively conditioned against "blog shit" and I'm still coming to terms with the fact that it's alright to do that sort of thing here. I'll get there.

There are remarkably few electrical devices I consider essential to my lifestyle. In fact, I could probably put them into a pretty short list:

  • My computer (+ internet)
  • A fridge
  • A ceiling/desk fan
  • My mp3 player
Anything else I could cope without (albeit with some inconvenience). If I tossed in my bed, desk and chair I might be able to expand the scope of the list to all physical objects. There's a lot of stuff I'd be devastated about losing (figures, CDs, the dishwasher), but I'd still be pretty functional. But onto the topic at hand.
For the last three weeks - the hottest weeks of the summer - my fridge/freezer has been broken. I had never realised until now how much chilled water I usually drink, or how much of my extremely limited culinary repertoire relies on milk. Even bread grows an unappealing layer of fuzzy green mould after just a couple of days not being in the freezer. Beer? Not refreshing in the slightest when served at a thoroughly unpleasant 35 degrees, the same temperature as every other godforsaken thing in the house. I can't even justify buying any sort of meat from the supermarket as it's only good value if you buy a decent amount and I have no way to store any leftovers. As you can tell, I'm pretty sore about the whole issue. Don't worry though, I haven't been starving! It turns out that there are a few dishes I can prepare without the need for refrigeration, such as instant noodles, rice, rice with soy sauce, rice with tuna, rice with tuna and soy sauce, and half a tin of Milo I found in the back of a cupboard. Rice isn't really the sort of thing I get sick of eating but it's going to be a while before I can stomach a can of tuna again. On the upside, I think I've had enough omega-3 fatty acids to last me several lifetimes. Reduced risk of heart attacks, fuck yeah!

At least the landlord is finally doing something about it, and apparently the fridge guy will be around tomorrow with whatever parts need to be replaced. They must be some pretty damn amazing parts for them to take this long to come in. I'm vainly hoping that they'll turn the fridge into one of those smart fridges that tells you when you're about to run out of milk. It'd be absolutely useless except for the vague feeling that I'd be living IN THE FUTURE. At this stage though, even if they're the mundane sort of parts this will still definitely be the highlight of my week.


Enough of that. The Panty and Stocking Nendoroids have been announced and they're up for pre-order. As you'd expect from Nendoroids, they have lots of expressions, faces and poses, and the art style translated pretty well into the deformed Nendoroid style. They also come with their signature weapons, but this raises a few questions. A picture will probably explain it better than words.

I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this, but I really am curious as to what they'll do. I think the funniest solution would be to include a fully mosaic smooth crotch piece to replace the pantsu with. I'd preorder these two but I've already preordered a number of figures lately. Having said that, an unintentional consequence of the whole fridge problem is that I've spend a fair bit less money on food than I normally would have, so it's still a possibility. On the other hand, maybe I should hold out in the hope that someone will announce Scanty and Kneesocks figures of some sort.

>My predicted face when
Figure details:
Name: Nendoroid Panty, Nendoroid Stocking
Series: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt
Scale: non-scale
Company: Good Smile Company
Release Date: June 2011
Preorder from: AmiAmi (Panty, Stocking)


  1. I guess I should be glad that while my computer has died, at least my fridge still works. In truth, I think I'd really be most inconvenienced by the inability to store leftovers. I like to make a lot of something and then toss several containers of leftovers in the fridge so that I'll be fed for the week.

  2. I can't stand the heat so what you're going through must be hell.

    I don't think they'll have mosaic crotch pieces but a blank "figure" crotch piece. You know, the typical nothing under there.

    >Scanty and Kneesocks figures

    I would actually want this more.

  3. I find blogging being quite a good waste of time. I don't even visit any imageboards anymore.

    >Scanty and Kneesocks figures of some sort.

    There will be lots of them for sure. But I'd rather have that Stocking Nendoroid. Too bad my economy won't allow it.

  4. Warm beer is disgusting to me, it must be even worse in a warm climate. I hope your fridge will be fixed with no problems and a low bill.

  5. I live off of leftovers, so I'm not sure how I'd react to my fridge dying.

    Also, your bring up a very good point regarding the Panty and Stocking nendos. Don't think I'll be getting them though, I've got enough pre-orders on my plate to deal with.

  6. >half a tin of Milo
    I remember that stuff, got it from an import store years ago, it's nice.

    Not interested in the Panty or Stocking Nendos, but:
    >Scanty and Kneesocks figures
    Want these so hard

  7. >Even bread grows an unappealing layer of fuzzy green mould after just a couple of days not being in the freezer.

    That's really humid then. I'm able to stand heat as long as I drink water every hour or so.

    Just a random question does it make falling asleep harder for you?

  8. >Just a random question does it make falling asleep harder for you?

    Sometimes I guess, only when it's very humid though. I'm the sort of person who has no trouble falling asleep usually though.