Thursday, 28 July 2011

MY LIFE also a bit about comiket but don't get your hopes up

I haven't been reading or commenting on blogs as much as I'd have liked to over the past week or two, sorry about that.  I was also going to do a non-shitpost, but I don't think that's going to happen either.

Next year, my uni course becomes more vocational rather than class-based, and I'll be based somewhere other than my university. There's a whole selection and preferencing system to choose where I'll be, and that's all going to be happening in a couple of weeks, which has gotten me a bit stressed out and unable to take it easy. The horrible part is that if my first preference has too many people going there (which it will), a chunk of them get shafted to wherever on their list still has spots open. Going by last year's numbers, the odds of that happening are about 30%. If I'm in that number? Best case I get a 2 hour commute to class and back every day, worst case I'm forcibly relocated to a town 800km up the coast, in shared living arrangements. For at least a year. That sounds like an awfully shitty way to spend a year, so I'm just hoping that I'm lucky enough to avoid that fate.

Think you can organise something for me, Remi?

But I'd feel bad if I just whinged about stuff for a whole blog post, so I'll talk about Wonderfes for a bit. There was a lot of stuff I like the look of, though I probably can't remember half of it. I don't mind the look of GSC's Madoka scale figures, though I'll still wait to see if any other companies (namely Alter) do anything with more interesting poses. The Love is War Miku has her base back, with slightly different paint, and there were a bunch more Mikus as well, some I liked, some I didn't. There was some more BRS and Saber stuff (including a Fate/Zero Saber on a bike) but I don't have an interest on collecting any more of those characters. There's also a zillion more nendos coming out, but at this stage it's stranger if a character doesn't get a nendo, so there's not much point going on about them.

Speaking of festivals and the like, Summer Comiket is coming up pretty soon too, although I haven't seen much discussion on it. It's a shame, because I don't use pixiv or anything that much, so I like to get an idea of what other people are looking forward to and take a look at what they recommend. I briefly skimmed the catalog for some of the names I'm interested in, and came across a few things, though only one thing that I would really like a physical copy of:

An artbook I was expecting, but a CD too? That's something I really want to buy, hopefully I'll be able to proxy it from Melonbooks or something afterwards.

I went through some of my photos from last year and found a couple from C79. Most of them were too blurry to salvage, but I at least got passable photos of the Milky Holmes cars. They were driving around Akiba a couple of days before Comiket too.

This was around noon on the first day, well after the initial crowds had died down.

I've got a few vaguely amusing Engrishy photos as well, which I might upload sometime if I can't think of any better content. 

And as a postscript: I finished MLA. I thought it was pretty damn good. If you have any interest in VNs and/or mechas, you should consider reading it.


  1. I had an almost similar situation about the location choosing, although it was more on getting to uni in the first place. About the only thing you could do is to wait and see really.

    >But I'd feel bad if I just whinged about stuff for a whole blog post

    I know that feel ^^;;

  2. It's always hard to take it easy when you have something like that in the back of your mind.


    I tried to stay away from news of it. I'm not going to have money for a while so it just feels really bad to look at all the awesome figures I can't have.

  3. >worst case I'm forcibly relocated to a town 800km up the coast, in shared living arrangements. For at least a year.

    That sounds terrible. Let's hope you won't be one of the unlucky ones.

    I've seen some of the new figures, and there's quite a few I would like to own. I don't have the money, though.

  4. >Wonderfes
    I seem to have grown my wish list a lot, so I'll need to save up.

    The relocation sounds shitty, really hope you don't have to go through with that.

    >You will never ride in a Milky Holmes box car

  5. I was looking forward to GSC's Homu, but her pose is pretty boring. Hopefully, Alter will produce some Madoka stuff soon. I'm planning to order Miku Love is War assuming it doesn't have a ridiculous price.