Sunday, 28 August 2011

Deus Ex and much frustration

So I was really looking forward to Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I said a while back that I'd preordered the collector's edition, which came with an artbook, a DVD with various extras on it, and a figure of the main character. I'd paid off the preorder in full, and was eagerly awaiting release.

The night before release, though, I was called up by the EB Games store and informed that they wouldn't have a copy for me. There'd been some allocation error or something, I don't know the specifics but it all seemed pretty bullshit to me. I was in the middle of a DotA game at the time so I just told them we could sort it out tomorrow when I went in to pick it up. The next day I went in and the guy told me much the same thing, that for reasons beyond his control his store hadn't received the requested number of copies. Again, it all sounded like a load of shit to me, but I realised it wasn't his fault personally so I didn't give him too hard a time of it. I did tell him I was extremely annoyed, and asked him what the point of preordering was at all, if not to guarantee a copy of the game come release day. He agreed with me, and said it reflected extremely badly on the company and that he was very sorry about it.

In the end I was given a copy of the augmented edition (like the collector's but without the figure) for the price of the normal game. I still wasn't happy since I could've gotten it even cheaper on the internet, but by that stage I just wanted to go home and play it.

I never asked for this

And then it started pouring down on the way home, so I took my glasses off when I got off the bus and put them in my jacket pocket. Of course, when I got home and went to get changed, I forgot all about this and ended up accidentally standing on them, and now they're quite broken. I hope they're not too expensive to fix. At least I'm short sighted so it doesn't impact my ability to see my computer screens clearly.

It was kinda like this, minus all cuteness.

The day looked up after that though. I thoroughly enjoyed Deus Ex, and have just finished my first playthrough today. I liked the endings. A lot of people on /v/ complained that they don't give you a lot of closure, but I think it was a nice way of reflecting on your choices without messing too much with the canon already established by the first game. If there was one thing about the game that annoyed me, it would be the boss fights. The second one had me stumped for so long, as I was mostly a non-lethal stealth character and I just kept getting demolished in the fight. After trying for over half an hour I gave up and went to bed. The next day I woke up and tried it again, and beat that fight on the first try. Feels unexpected man.

I'd recommend it if you're interested in stealth shooter RPGs. It's a fairly long game, and it has a lot of replay potential.

I'm on holidays for a week now, so naturally I'll get nothing useful done all week. I might go play another few games of DotA, even though it's only going to make me annoyed.


  1. EB Games have never been the same since the buy out.

    >broken glasses


  2. >Haha that's great!

    You are a cruel (robotic) person.

    Getting screwed on your pre-order and breaking your glasses in the same post...I feel so bad for you. I remember the first time my glasses broke. Had just arrived at Disney World. It was a wonderful(ly blurry) vacation. Lucky for you that you could still see the screen!