Wednesday, 30 November 2011

AutoRename - keeping anime ordered.

OCD related.

I can get a little bit obsessive about keeping things ordered. I must have spent a fair bit of time making sure all my music is tagged correctly, for example, and I have fairly elaborate tagging and sorting systems for images that I save. Anime is no exception, and I feel the need to rename every file I download to something that looks a bit more ordered. Since that takes a fair bit of effort, especially when I download a whole series at a time, I made a small program to rename the files for me so I could spend less time being autistic and more time watching my chinese girl cartoons.

The topic of organising anime has come up a few times on /a/, and I get the impression that there are other people who might find this sort of thing useful. I'm a bit hesitant to post it though, since it was only really designed for personal use and has had no testing or anything like that. On top of that, I'm a complete amateur whose only instruction on programming has been from high school Visual Basic classes back in the day.

Nevertheless, I tidied it up a bit and uploaded it to Mediafire. It's called AutoRename (a program to auto rename anime that's called AutoRename, lol originality) and it requires Windows and the .NET Framework 3.5, which you'll already have if you run Windows 7. The idea is that you drag anime (or other video files) onto the window, it suggests new names for them, and then you hit the "Rename All" button if you're happy with the suggestions, or you can fiddle with the options to make the suggested name more suited to your taste. You can also add it to the Explorer right-click menu for mkv, avi and mp4 files if you want.

If you have any feedback please comment or email me, even if just to say that it crashes on opening.


  1. Did you ever fix the "Steins;Gate" problem this had?

    I'll gladly test this out since this does sound like it could be useful.

  2. Mm, I know the feeling weell, tho in my case, it even goes to image folders as well (downloading them by doujin circles does that).

    Strangely enough that didn't apply to anime.

  3. currently 87412 files on desktop

    >no thanks, I'm fine.

  4. >Did you ever fix the "Steins;Gate" problem this had?

    Yeah, I found a workaround to the semicolon issue. Thanks for taking a look at it.

    >currently 87412 files on desktop

    Dear god.