Sunday, 5 February 2012

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I wish it snowed here, ever

I am so sick of summer. It's been raining a lot but that doesn't seem to lessen the heat at all. The air is practically dripping with moisture and I can work up a sweat just by sitting in front of my computer. We're already in the last month of the season though, and I'm eagerly anticipating a cooler Autumn.

I really feel like I haven't had much time to enjoy myself lately. I started classes for the year three weeks ago, and it's been 9-5 every day so far. Add in the hour commute each way, and the few hours it takes once I get home just to cool down enough to feel like doing anything, and I've got precious little time left to really do anything. Most of the people I know are still on holidays for a few more weeks, so I've been feeling quite disconnected from everyone around me. Shit sucks, though I suppose it can't be helped.

I still haven't really started watching anything from this season. I finally got started on Nisemonogatari, but the only other shows I've been watching are continuations from last season: Chihayafuru and P4A. I'm still considering trying Another, Rinne no Lagrange and Milky Holmes, it's just a matter of when I manage to get around to them. Rather than start anything new, lately I've felt like rewatching some series that I've already seen. Over the last couple of weeks I've rewatched Kara no Kyoukai, Eve no Jikan and The Tatami Galaxy. I might start on Shiki again next, or perhaps Aria depending on my mood. I also need to find time to work on my VN backlog, but that might be a lost cause for the foreseeable future.

I've recently become hooked on The Binding Of Isaac, which is a very addictive roguelike game where you control a child who's stuck in a monster-filled basement in an attempt to escape his mother, who believes God told her to kill her son. I'd recommend it as a good way to waste a bit of time, it can get quite difficult and there's a heap of stuff to unlock.

I need to go take another cold shower. I'm still planning to write a post about Katawa Shoujo, and I also have a few purchases from Japan headed my way in the mail right now, but in the meantime please excuse this shitpost. I hope you're all taking it easy.


  1. There's nothing wrong with rewatching series. Isn't that the purpose of archiving?

    I've heard of The Binding Of Isaac but I'm not really sure if I should get it. Even though it's ridiculously cheap.

  2. >I hope you're all taking it easy.

    Is there any other way to take it?

    I know how you feel about having no time. Between my illness, commute, time in class, time spent at work, and time spent on homework, I had nothing. Now that I've moved things are a bit better though. Perhaps you'll find a similar break.