Friday, 13 February 2015

Just walk away from the screen

Compared to gaming, the western weeb community seems fairly drama free. Of course there are all the con and cosplay associated dramas, you’re waifu will always be a shit, and seiyuu will sleep around from time to time, but there’s really nothing that even approaches the shitfest that gaming has been embroiled in over the last few months. I’d wager the percentage of the broader gaming community that even gives a fuck about the whole gamergate mess is pretty low, but boy are they vocal about it. I haven’t personally done a lot of research into the whole affair, but the main figureheads of the SJW side seem pretty non-credible.

But whatever. You either don’t care, or have already read into it yourself. The reason I bring it up is because of this piece of hilarity, which is currently making the rounds on the internet:

If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth a watch. The sheer amount of outdated “gamer” lingo, the parallels to ISIS, and the allusion to the horrible website Redchanit, it’s all pretty impressive. I can only think of the possibilities if weeb culture was prominent and controversial enough for Law and Order to devote an episode to exposing evil NEETs – maybe a young American girl would be an aspiring manga artist but gets accosted at a con by a bunch of directionless paedophiles in Kigs.
“What did they do to you?”
“I-it was a Touhou hijack!”
“The bastards. They’re probably trying to send her to Gensokyo”
I don’t know how it would end, but the bad guys would end up being little girls, and Ice-T would somehow reveal he's actually a big Babymetal fan.

Unrelated: if anyone has opinions on Hyperdimenion Neptunia I’d like to hear them. I was thinking of buying it now it’s out on PC. A friend who loves shitty JRPGs recommended it, but after looking at a few reviews I’m leaning towards not getting it.

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