Thursday, 5 May 2011

Fun in high school carparks

I think I may have mentioned a while back that I have a "job" scoring high school debates - if two hours of work every second or third week can really count as employment - and I did this again tonight for the first time in a number of weeks. The school where the debates were to be held was nowhere near any public transport option so I had to resort to driving. For some context, I only have a car because my parents gave me their old one, and I never use it except to drive to visit them. I certainly avoid driving it in the city at all costs, mainly because public transport is so much cheaper and far less stressful. 

The vehicle isn't exactly roadworthy, missing, among other things, a left side mirror, a working second gear, a way to wind up the back windows, a functional handbrake, and a full complement of indicator lights. Luckily none of that matters since it has a CD player and two working if hissy speakers with which to play my terrible terrible music.
Anyway, I was trying to find this school in the middle of rush hour armed with nothing but an A4 printout from Google Maps and some weeaboo tunes. I managed to get magnificently lost, and my brilliant idea to turn my lostness into a cunning shortcut failed miserably. I finally got back on track thanks to a lucky guess at a roundabout, and was still in with a chance to make it on time. I was pretty stressed at this point and wasn't really thinking of my surroundings too much when I got to the school and drove slowly through the carpark. I'd gotten all the way to the end (there were a lot of kids and their parents parked there) and was nosing into a park when I finally realised my speakers were still on way too loud and my windows were down. 

"Only my railgun can shoot it, ima sugu!" 

Shit. Cue me frantically nuking the volume. It was pretty damn obvious though, but what else can you do. I just ended up getting out and walking away normally hoping maybe no one was paying attention. In some ways it's good that I got lost, if I'd gotten there a few minutes earlier it'd have been Renai Circulation playing and I'm sure Kana Hanazawa's voice would have raised many more penises eyebrows.

It's not like I had much in the way of credibility anyway.

The above could have probably been expressed with 5 lines of greentext but I'm not rewriting it and you've already wasted a minute or two reading it. Bad luck.

Word on the street is that shirts and breasts don't actually interact like that.
Can't say I'm overly concerned.

In other news, I have a hefty figure preorder chalked up to hit me at the end of this month and I certainly don't have enough for it at the moment. My options are to cancel one of the figures or to (re-)commence a strict diet of instant noodles. Fortunately that's a pretty straightforward choice. A few weeks of noodles won't kill me, at least not in the next few decades. The figures I've got on order are Racing Miku and UBW Rin, along with a Planetarian wallscroll. I don't actually own any wallscrolls, and wouldn't normally consider buying them, but I love the VN (or kinetic novel if we're being picky) and there aren't any figures relating to it that I'm aware of.

Finally, one of Tigoris' recent blog posts inspired me to look into some Japanese words for things I'm studying at uni, but I can see me getting discouraged pretty easily when I run into gems like 深部静脈血栓症 (DVT) straight up. At least I recognise most of the kanji, and I can't deny that DEEP SECTION QUIET VEIN BLOOD PLUG ILLNESS has its own sort of charm. What if that blood plug illness happens in your brain instead? What us English speakers may have referred to as a stroke has been restyled to 虚血性脳卒中, or VOID BLOOD NATURE BRAIN GRADUATE INSIDE. And now you know.

Enough directionless rambling from me for one night. I'm going to watch the latest Nichijou then get some sleep. I can't be tired for all that nothing I've got to do tomorrow.


  1. You actually get paid for that?

    Getting lost is one of the reasons I don't think I'd ever own a car. I have a bad sense of direction, and I get nervous just taking a new bus route. My memory is unreliable, so even if I looked up directions, I'd forget it as soon as I get out the door. And I'm too scared of GPS systems being unreliable, because every time I'm in a car with one, it always screws up with TURN LEFT, TURN LEFT, TURN LEFT or something (leading you into a circle).

    >Renai Circulation would have been playing

    If that happened I'm not sure if they'd let you into the school.

    >The above could have probably been expressed with 5 lines of greentext but I'm not rewriting it and you've already wasted a minute or two reading it. Bad luck

    It's cool.

    >(re-)commence a strict diet of instant noodles

    This. Figures are more important. Glad you picked it.

    >Planetarian wallscroll

    I didn't even know this was being sold...

  2. As long as the car can play music and get you somewhere, that's all it needs.

    I think the penises you stroke out would have been more relevant.

    Sure breasts and shirts interact like that, how else would the interact?

  3. >I finally realised my speakers were still on way too loud and my windows were down.

    This reminds me of a story I read on /a/. A teacher took a student's iPod and connected it the speakers and the opening to Hidamari Sketch x365 started playing.

    >raised many more eyebrows

    One eyebrow gets raised because they question the song you're listening to. Then both eyebrows get raised in surprise when they realize the bulge in their pants.

    I'd probably go on the noodle diet. Dem figures.

  4. I've had daydreams of trolling gang members by blasting some Chinese girl music as I drive by them in a car covered in even more Chinese girls. Ah, but I'd never have the guts to do that~

    >My options are to cancel one of the figures or to (re-)commence a strict diet of instant noodles.

    Choice is obvious. Noodles all day every day.

  5. >"Only my railgun can shoot it, ima sugu!"

    It would be funny if someone said, "Hey, I like that song!"

    Noodle diet is the obvious choice. It's not the safest or healthiest route but we don't want any pre-orders getting cancelled.

  6. About the Minecraft server, mind handing me an email address? I don't want to post it somewhere public.

    On another note, I barely took a look at your figure stores review page. Impressive.