Saturday, 14 May 2011

Korean clickan games and Chinese cartoon figures

I was going to post the other day but Blogger seemed to be having some issues. Not like I really had a lot to say anyway. It's been a pretty uneventful week, but the best is yet to come: only a few hours until the GSL finals! Earlier in the week I was at uni late, and the room cleared out a bit earlier than expected, so, along with two other guys in the class that follow the GSL, I decided to try and pull up the current game on the projector. It worked, and it looked amazing, but I only ended up watching the one game because the security guard kept coming past and looking into the room disapprovingly. I'm not sure if it was because we were using the room for non-uni purposes or because we were watching video games, but probably a bit of each.

Now I can turn gay for Tasteless twice as fast!
Today's games will be between InCa (P) and Nestea (Z). I'm hoping that Nestea will win but I'm mostly just hoping for some decent games rather than one all-in after the other like the last few seasons. They'll be streamed free at GOMtv if anyone's interested.

I decided to go through my figures and get out one of my first acquisitions to display for a while - I can't remember exactly when, but sometime late '08 or early '09 I got this Rei. I can't remember if she was my first figure or not (Garan no Dou Shiki being the other candidate) but I've had her for a while.

The reason I bring it up is that I've been thinking I'd like an Asuka figure to go with her, but I'm really not sure which one. I was thinking maybe Alter's Plug Suit Asuka, but I'd be interested in any other good Asuka figures you might know of. I won't be able to actually buy one for a while since I've got my May preorders looming, but I'd still like to have an idea of what I want.

Then again, perhaps I should be laying low for a while based on an ad I noticed on my blog recently:
They're onto me!
On mouseover, the URL appeared to point to Australian Customs' list of prohibited goods for import. The knock on the door will probably come any second now...

I've played a bit more Minecraft on the sever too, but I still never remember to take any screenshots. I might just leave it to HHH and NEET, who write better posts about it than I would anyway.


  1. I don't really play favorites, but I will admit I want Nestea to win.

    Asuka has so many figures that it would probably be hard to choose. I'm not that knowledgeable about figures of Asuka so I can't help that much. Although, that Alter one has a very nice ass.


    The NHK has no limits.

  2. I remember seeing an Asuka figure where she's sitting on the toilet and... you know, taking care of business. The Alter figure looks nice though.

  3. >ad
    I laughed at first when I see the title, because I thought it was gonna be about consumerism. Kinda scary that it links to your country's Customs page tho

  4. >Alter's Plug Suit Asuka

    I think I would've gotten that one. She looks good and it's Alter.


    I had to see what they said on my blog now. "Take a loan. Take a money loan here." Hmm.
    I usually just get ads from obscure dating sites.

  5. That Rei's pose is really hot. Makes me want to draw.