Saturday, 18 June 2011

A bomb, JC!

My exams are over, so I can take it easy again. I haven't been reading or commenting much on other's blogs for a bit now, but I'll make an effort to catch up on posts from the last week or so.

I don't think I did very well on my exams, not that I can blame anyone but myself, but I'm still hoping it'll all work out for the best. If I do end up failing them then I'll have some serious thoughts about dropping out, but otherwise I'd probably like to see it through to the end, even if just so the last few years don't seem like such a waste.

I was hoping either Rin or Racing Miku would have showed up by now, as a nice way to celebrate the end of the semester, but they're still MIA. I hope they're not somehow involved in whatever's going on with the Canadian postal service. There's no reason they should be, but from what I hear SAL shipments often end up on bizarre, fantastical trips around the world before getting to their destination so it might be possible. Unlikely, but worrying about pointless and improbable shit is what I do best!

I decided to preorder Deus Ex: Human Revolution yesterday. Since I'm not buying any figures this month, and probably won't buy any next month either, I decided to go full out and get the collector's edition. It comes with an action figure, the soundtrack, an extra DVD and an artbook, as well as an awesome box design and some in-game DLC.

Overpriced, maybe, but I only >buy one or two games a year anyway. It'd be fair to say I've bought into the hype surrounding the leak on /v/, but I loved the first game and have replayed it many a time so I was already pretty damn excited about the prospect of another game in the series. The revelation that it may not suck arse (see: Invisible War) is just icing on the cake. The 23rd of August can't come soon enough.

Sorry if this is less comprehensible than normal; my brain is still a bit shot from the last week or two. I'm hurting for sleep too, but that's going to be the case for a while longer yet: the GSL finals are on this afternoon immediately followed by Dreamhack. Sleep's good and all, but so is Starcraft. Even if MMA is just going to stomp Polt 4-0.


  1. Going to school only to drop out is one of my greatest fears.

    >Even if MMA is just going to stomp Polt 4-0

    Oh man, I'm watching it right now. Polt is playing like a beast in the first three games.

  2. Yeah, that didn't quite turn out as I'd predicted. How embarrassing. At least I got the 4-0 part right.

  3. Hopefully, by some miracle you actually pass with flying colors.

    >I decided to go full out and get the collector's edition.


  4. Cool blog, hope your exams turned out ok, and the Hatsune Miku Goodsmile BMW won first place in a Super GT racing event.

  5. I'd like to see how the art book turns out, I'm interested in stuff like that.

  6. I'm reading transhumanism books and novels to get prepared to tackle Deus Ex HR world. Handy link: