Thursday, 2 June 2011

oh god exams

A package finally arrived for me yesterday, although all things considered it was actually pretty quick for SAL. Regardless, I took a few photos of my new Asuka figure yesterday, but they didn't turn out very well so I might have another go today.

I was toying with the idea of taking her out into the yard for some photos, since there's a spot against the wall with a few rocks that I think would go fairly well with her. There's a fair chance I won't though, especially today because most of my housemates are still home and it would be too embarrassing.

I hide my "power-level" pretty religiously - I know the prevailing attitude on many sites seems to be that you shouldn't do this and anyone who doesn't accept your hobbies for what they are is a bad person et cetera but I don't subscribe to this idea. It's all nice and idealistic, but I can't help but worry about what people think of me, even if "people" are just my parents and housemates.

There's quite a distinction between people thinking I'm weird for sitting in my room all the time, and people thinking I'm weird for sitting in my room all the time playing with girl toys. In my mind at least. At least the people I live with respect my privacy enough (or fear the state of my room enough) that they wouldn't just come into my room for whatever reason.

I'm pretty big on privacy. I can't stand the thought of someone coming into my room without knocking, or using my computer without my permission. I'm glad my family respected my privacy when I lived with them, although it didn't stop me getting pretty paranoid over things, especially with my computer. The few times I've had to let others use my computer, it's been a different browser (I keep Firefox installed for the once a year Mum wants to check a site quickly or something) with all other programs and folders closed, and I still hover around anxiously until they're finished.

I don't even know where I'm going with this. What are your views on privacy/"power-level" hiding? Even if the other party is limited to your parents. If you're lucky enough to live alone, just know that I'm very envious of you. I think the biggest motivating factor for me to get a full-time job would be to afford my own place of some sort. It wouldn't have to be nice in the slightest; fast internet and no one else living there would be the only two criteria.

Also, I probably won't be posting much for a couple of weeks (except maybe some pictures of my Asuka figure if I end up taking any I like). I've got my mid-year exams coming up, and getting kicked out of uni would mean losing access to the government handouts that are my sole source of income. And that would mean I'd have to cancel my Amiami pre-orders. So I'll be hitting the books for a while. Wish me luck.


  1. >I took a few photos of my new Asuka figure yesterday, but they didn't turn out very well

    I know that feel.

    >What are your views on privacy/"power-level" hiding?

    Everybody that knows me know about my "power-level" but don't give it much attention. Nothing embarrassing has ever happened either. Someone else using your computer on the other hand is a much bigger problem. A person's computer is sacred and shouldn't be used by other people no matter what.

  2. >What are your views on privacy/"power-level" hiding?

    I regard it very highly; pretty much religiously, to borrow your saying. I don't really bother to hide my power level so much - although I'm not the type to go out and make proclamation about it or something. But I'm somewhat a bit secretive by nature, so yeah.

    But you know what's annoying? When you never make fun of the person next to you about his hobby, and yet they don't return the favour to your own (e.g. my last roommate). It annoy the hell out of me, that sometimes I feel like giving them a piece of my mind (not much tho; but close enough)

    All the best for the exams

  3. >Powerlevel hiding
    I can imagine people who hide their powerlevels just want to either not be made fun of or just want to keep things to themselves.

    It's alright by me.

    But I'm pretty open with my stuff, my family and friends have hobbies and some more nerdy then others so it's all good in the familia.

    Gonna be following you from now on. Just thought I would let you know.

  4. I don't tell anyone about my hobbies. My mother knows about my figures, but only because she stumbled upon them while cleaning.

    I'd hate for someone to use my computer. Fortunately, my parents don't know how to use one and I doubt they would touch mine even if they knew how. My sister used to hop onto my computer while I was sleeping back when I used to keep it on, but I started to turn it off at night to prevent that. If I have to keep it on, I log off my windows user account so she can't do anything.

  5. >What are your views on privacy/"power-level" hiding?
    I keep it well hidden, apart from 1 or 2 immediate family, because it's hard to hide a room full of lewd figures from them when you live with them.
    Computer is mine and MINE ALONE.

  6. >What are your views on privacy/"power-level" hiding?

    >Computer is mine and MINE ALONE.
    >A person's computer is sacred and shouldn't be used by other people no matter what.
    I always lock it or turn it off if I have to go somewhere.

    Both my mother and my grandmother knows about my cartoons and girly toys. But I do keep my power level a bit low since I still live at home, I keep the few lewd things I've got hidden. I don't think I'm going to care about hiding any lewd figures though, whenever I get around to buy any.