Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I should have stayed in bed

It's been one of those days. I decided I'd try and make it to class for once, so I woke up early, ran out the door and went straight to the bus stop a couple of minutes early. However, since my city's public transport doesn't consider time to be of particular importance, I soon figured out that the bus had come even earlier and that I would have to wait almost half an hour for the next one. Not much fun, but that's how it goes. I eventually get to class almost half an hour late to find that the lecturer hadn't even bothered to turn up yet. I waited another 20 minutes before he deigned to grace us with his presence and begin the lecture which should have started the better part of an hour ago.

He then proceeds to start asking random people in the class questions about the material. I absolutely hate that shit: firstly I'm here because I don't know the material yet, and secondly picking on random students in a class that's usually non-interactive is nothing short of obnoxious. He then proceeds to insult us for not knowing the answers to his incredibly obscure questions ("I thought you were supposed to be post-graduates," he practically spits at us) and ends up going well over time, causing me to be late to the next class as well. Why do I bother making the effort?

The one redeeming point is that he didn't have a pet research topic that he mentioned every other sentence, but you aren't doing too well when I can only compliment you by describing specific ways that you aren't terrible.

So I'm going to sit down with some instant ramen and cheap wine, watch GSL until I get bored, then boot up Alpha Centauri and kick the shit out of some hippies in the name of SCIENCE!
"Vendetta upon you!"
"You are such a dick."
Also, seriously considering pre-ordering Lat Miku. I don't get more than one figure of any character as a rule, but Miku is already the exception - I've got two figs of her with a third ordered - so why not run with it? It's a cute design at a good price for a character I really like, so yeah. I might leave it another day or two just to make sure there's no impulsiveness in my decision. Speaking of Vocaloid, there are a few upcoming albums I'm quite looking forward to; maybe I'll blog about them sometime.

I would apologise for what's mostly a shitpost, but it'd be a bit insincere since I'm clearly not sorry enough to not post it in the first place.


  1. I was thinking of getting Lat Miku as well. I think I'll play the waiting game and settle for the Love is War version though, assuming they don't completely trash the base.

    I used to follow the one figure per character rule too, but after awhile I just stopped caring. If I like the figure and character enough then why not?

    Everyone secretly loves shitposts so don't worry about it.

  2. I'm still in the fortunate position where my classes aren't like that, but there's this new "clicker" thing going around the campus. Instead of getting randomly called on, the entire class has to answer a question asked on the spot, for actual credit.

    It's fine if the question is about material just covered in the lecture, because then you can refer to your notes (if you took them) and figure out the answer. But sometimes professors like to ask about things we haven't made it to yet, to show that we need to "read ahead." That's crap.

  3. Your day sounded pretty terrible. ;_;

    The Lat Miku is a great figure. I can't believe it's so cheap too.

    >I would apologise for what's mostly a shitpost

    I don't think it was ever established that we hate shitposts.

  4. Took me a while to find this place~

    Sounds like you had an awful day.

    >So I'm going to sit down with some instant ramen and cheap wine

    I've done that before. It usually only results in further depression, but that's just me.

    >I would apologise for what's mostly a shitpost

    It doesn't even matter. Shitposting is the norm now.

  5. That would piss me off too if the teacher says hurr you came from point x, then says you should know this even though his purpose is to teach you about his subject.

  6. I waited another 20 minutes before he deigned to grace us with his presence and begin the lecture which should have started the better part of an hour ago.

    Seriously? In my college there's pretty much a 15 minute policy. If the professor doesn't show up 15 minutes after class starts, class is automatically dismissed. It's 20 minutes if they have a doctrine.

    And I also have a lot of Miku figures. They're just so cute. Even though my favorite Vocaloid would actually be Luka, Miku obviously just has more merchandise.