Monday, 21 February 2011


First off, a request. If you buy figures from sites other than HLJ and get them shipped via EMS, could you give me an example or two of a figure, the store you got it from and the shipping cost? I'm working on a sort of data-based review of some of the biggest figure sites and I just need a few more numbers than I can get from my own records, considering I mostly use SAL.

So anyway, I'm falling further behind with my study despite it only being the fifth week or so of the uni year. Every semester I decide that this time I'll study regularly instead of leaving it to the study week before exams, but it's yet to happen. I was going to go over some lectures this arvo and maybe start on an assignment but seeing as it's bloody 35 degrees hot here and my fan's broken, fuck it, I'm going to blog about the anime I'm watching this season instead. A bit behind the times I know, but I've just caught up on my backlog (turns out I'm quite capable of procrastinating on watching anime too).

What I'm watching

Quality and consistency
have always been
central tenets of Shaft.
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Yes, how mainstream of me. I know it's /a/'s show of the season and even has its own general threads (a practice I vehemently oppose), but I still like the show itself. I generally enjoy Shaft's shows, and the dark atmosphere along with Shaft's signature trippy visuals for the fight scenes really do it for me. I don't like the OP and ED as much as some seem to. I think Shaft has done some of the best OPs in anime, and this one just seemed a little generic in comparison (mostly the audio, it looks nice enough). Still, this is the show I look forward to most each week.

Kore wa Zombie desu ka?
Unlike Madoka, I really had no expectations coming into this one. The last show I'd seen by Deen was Umineko, and that was bad. Really bad. I was very surprised when the first episode actually had me laughing out loud, something I rarely do with anime. The plot's certainly nothing much worth mentioning, but the visual gags and slapstick are very decent. The MC becoming a "masou shoujo" is a great concept (are there any mahou shounen shows? With frilly dresses and all? Someone should get on that).

Yumekui Merry
She could have been
a Touhou with a hat like that
I wasn't initially going to watch this after I misread the description as "mysterious catgirl meets normal highschool boy" (it's actually just a mysterious girl. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!) and assumed it'd be something along the lines of Asobi ni Iku yo!. I looked into it again recently after liking the look of the artstyle in some of the screencaps I saw, and found out that it wasn't actually just a fanservice show. Merry has a great character design and the plot, while hardly deep, is developing well enough for me to stay interested in it. Also, the number of forced awkward moments between the MC and Merry are surprisingly few for this type of show, which is refreshing.

She's since been changed to a
redhead but I won't hold it
against her

Eh, I don't know. I liked the Ghibli-esque setting/art and the non-black-and-white morals hinted at in the first few episodes, but I really thought the latest episode was shit and I'm suspecting that the show will continue in this direction. If so then it's dropped, but I'll still get the OP single when it comes out.

Index 2
Pic still not related
At this stage it's more to do with my completionist tendencies than anything else. The current arc actually looks interesting, but most of the episodes so far have been shit. I don't know whether the problem's with the source material or J.C. Staff's adaptation but the characters are just utterly one-dimensional. I'd still watch the fuck out of A Certain Adorable Last Order though, or a SoL about the Misaka sisters.

This one frame comprises
the entire visuals for ep 5
Haiyoru! Nyaruani
Kind of amusing, and it's not exactly much of a time investment to keep up with it (the ED is half the total episode length). The flash animation is dodgy as hell but it fits in well with the feel of the show.

What I dropped

I thought it was going to be a serious mystery show. Oh how I was mistaken.

Dragon Crisis!
It was nice to see Rie Kugimiya not being type-cast as usual, but the rest of the show just didn't stand out in any way whatsoever.

Level E
Something of an unpopular choice to drop seeing as everyone else is raving about it. While I get the humour on a cerebral level, I just don't find it particularly funny.

And that's it for the list. Feel free to tell me exactly how shit my taste is and I'll try my best to reciprocate. I'll probably do something similar for next season when it arrives, although I haven't had a proper look at all the upcoming shows yet.

Stormclouds are starting to gather overhead, so it's looking like I'll be able to postpone dying of heatstroke until tomorrow. Heat aside, I've actually had a pretty good last couple of days. On the weekend I caught up with an old high-school friend I'd fallen out of contact with for a while, and we played Civ IV over LAN all night. I don't think I've played any game over LAN for years now, but I had some good memories of playing Warcraft III with friends back in high school so it was quite a nostalgic experience. I'm still having some pretty severe motivation issues, but I'm just taking it easy and hoping that impending deadlines will eventually push me into getting some work done.


  1. AmiAmi has a shipping rate table over here. It's an exact copy of the chart from JapanPost's site and practically every figure site/store located in Japan uses it. AmiAmi and Mandarake use the exact prices shown on the chart while other stores like Otacute will be very close to it.

    My Kotobukiya Marisa, which I consider to have an average/normal sized box for 1/8 figures, was shipped by SAL from Mandarake and it cost 1480 Yen. I know it's not EMS like you wanted, but if you take a look at the chart you can check how much it would have cost via EMS very easily. It cost 1480 to be sent to NA which means it weighs 1.4kg so it would cost 3040 via EMS. Most of my EMS packages are shipped with other stuff as well and the one shipped alone had an abnormally large box size so I can't use them as good examples.

  2. Those are a lot of series your taking on at once. I feel overwhelmed just taking on four of those.

  3. >if you take a look at the chart you can check how much it would have cost via EMS very easily.

    Thanks, that completely didn't occur to me. I was aware of the rate table, it's more to try and figure out if any store uses heavier packaging.

    >Those are a lot of series your taking on at once.

    Yeah, I usually plan to drop about half of what I start. I'm really only still watching 5 series, Haiyoru Nyaruani hardly counts since it's a 5 min show).

  4. >Every semester I decide that this time I'll study regularly instead of leaving it to the study week before exams, but it's yet to happen.

    Haha, I think every student does this. Even just since my first exams, I've been saying I'd keep up with my studying, yet here I am cramming just before the exam again.

    Hm, yeah, the anime season...I'm down to IS and Fractale, and don't feel too thrilled about them. A lot of shows lately just don't catch my attention. So despite not being bad, they don't stand out enough for me to get the next episode.

  5. The only anime I have watch was IS and the zombie show.
    If you get bored or just find the show silly that's a good reason to drop it.

  6. >I thought it was going to be a serious mystery show. Oh how I was mistaken.

    I haven't picked up any of the ongoing shows yet, and Gosick was the only one that seemed to be interesting enough to care about. I guess I'll have to lower my expectations a bit.

  7. >turns out I'm quite capable of procrastinating on watching anime too

    I know what you mean.

    I've chose 6 series for this season, although I've only been watching Hourou Musuko and Madoka extensively so far, and watched an ep for Gosick, Zombie, Fractale, and Wolverine (the last one was picked just for a change of pace lol). I don't think I'll be picking up other series at the time being.