Saturday, 19 February 2011

The littlest witch

I've always found SAL shipping very reliable: almost to a fault, packages will arrive exactly one single week after I've given up all hope of them ever reaching me. To its credit though, everything I've gotten shipped via SAL way has turned up eventually. This time it was Lucchini who spent the better part of two months in limbo, but she finally showed up today.

Lucchini is my first Strike Witches figure, although I was tempted by Alter's Sanya. Lucchini is my favourite witch and, although I'm a bit wary of amiami's brand of figures, the sculpt looked nice enough to me. My apologies for the photo quality, my camera is just a cheap point-and-shoot.

The most detail seems to have gone into the Striker Unit. There are two types of propellers included: the ones currently attached, and fully circular discs to give the impression of motion.

Shimapan, of course, are a must.

It took me a while to figure out how to place the ammo belt - there were no instructions and none of the images on the box or in any promo shots showed it. I'm pretty sure this is the right way, although it'd probably be more useful if it was attached to her gun somehow. But hey, it's not like Strike Witches is about the realistic gun physics now is it?

The one issue I have is that she doesn't seem to be a scale figure. I could have sworn it said she was 1/8 when I ordered, but it looks like I was mistaken. It's not a problem in and of itself, but I'd quite like to get Alter's Shirley to go with her, and it's just not going to work with the size difference. I'm not sure what I'll end up doing, seeing as Alter is also quite likely going to do their own Lucchini at some point in the future. Apart from that though, I'm quite happy with this figure.

I don't have any more figures coming for a few months, which should give my wallet a chance to recover. Who knows, I might even be able to eat something other than instant noodles for once!

Figure details:
Name: Francesca Lucchini
Series: Strike Witches
Scale: Non-scale
Company: AmiAmi
Released: December 2010
Bought from: AmiAmi

On a completely different matter, HSP (a.k.a. かんざきひろ, 鼻そうめんP, tabgraphics) put out a new Miku track on NND two days ago. It's called Wander Girl, and it has a rather similar sound to Youthful Days' Graffiti - my favourite song of his - from his on-sawmen album. He's put out a couple of new tracks lately, so here's hoping there'll be another full Miku album coming up from him in the next few Comikets.

If you're not familiar with him, his music is mostly trance and electronic (pretty sure that's right, genre names have never been my strong point), some of it using Vocaloids. I'm also a big fan of his art - I love his Miku stuff but lately he's better known for the Ore no Imouto character designs. I was lucky enough to grab his compilation artbook at C79, which completely made my day. Well, I say "lucky enough" but I'd been in line since 5am and it was the first booth I went to, so I guess the odds weren't that bad.

Finally, GSL starts again on Monday. I'm absolutely pumped to see some of the players, particularly after some of the amazing games I saw in the GSTL. I'm not thrilled with the choice of Code A caster, but we still have Tastosis in Code S at least. The Code A games are going to be the best yet, and Code S is set to have some pretty fierce competition too. I've got a good feeling about this season.


  1. >packages will arrive exactly one single week after I've given up all hope of them ever reaching me

    I've noticed it's always like that, even for short term deliveries. I don't think I could handle SAL shipping, because I get all excited about getting something new...having to wait that long would kill me. Somewhat of a moot point though, since I can't afford much right now anyways, but there you have it.

    >I'd been in line since 5am

    Don't think I could do that either. You have considerable patience.

  2. SAL speed an reliability seem to differ based on where you live. My SAL packages usually arrive within a week of being shipped, but sometimes I get one that takes forever.

    I don't own any figures made by AmiAmi either so I'm a bit wary of them as well. They seem alright judging by your pictures though. I would personally stick with Alter, but that's because I consider them to be master race in terms of quality.

    AmiAmi's page says that Alter Shirley is 210 mm in height.

    I used to watch Starcraft game play too. I stopped awhile back because I just got bored of it I guess.

  3. Lucchini is very cute, I hope you are happy with your purchase!
    I always use SAL, never had trouble, the fastest I've had was just 10 days.

    I just found your blog, GREETINGS

  4. Nice figure. I recently just got into Strike Witches too, so far I like Mio.The eye patch got me so it's eye patch moe~.

  5. wow! best review on Lucchini. Reading this, makes me feel no regrets purchasing this strike witches at PIJ and include this at my collection, i must say very spectacular review, especially the video.