Sunday, 11 September 2011


I haven't been able to take it easy all week, since I've had to spend most of my free time studying. My inner NEET keeps telling me to just procrastinate, so it's a constant struggle between my notes and the myriad distractions out there to actually get anything done.

After a few days of varying productivity it was Friday, the day of the exam. I had to be up early since, due to the usual administrative incompetence, I had a tute scheduled that morning as well. It was the usual group session, where we run through the various steps of a case and try and sort it out. It was my turn to read out the material for the group as well, which led to an awkward situation. I'd read out the background information when another person commented that I should read more often since I apparently have a good voice, and several others agreed. I appreciated the compliment, but damn I really don't know how to respond in that sort of situation. I sort of laughed it off and kept going, but perhaps I'd have been better off blushing profusely and stammering "s-s-stupid...". My image isn't very tsundere though, so I stuck with laughing nervously.

It could have gone worse
After that finished, I had my exam. They're always stressful because the questions tend to be obscure as fuck rather than being about the important key issues we've been learning. It wasn't organised very well either, with all 400 odd students crammed into the one lecture theatre right next to each other. Cheating would have been extremely easy, except that I don't trust the people next to me to know the answers any more than I do. It went alright though, and it was only a midsemester exam so it wasn't worth many marks either.

With the exam out of the way, my weekend has been going great. Minecraft 1.8 got leaked, so I've been playing a lot of that on a friend's server. The changes are making exploring a lot more fun, specifically the ravines, extended caverns and abandoned mineshafts. It's a shame a lot of the patch's features have been gutted and delayed for a future patch, but I kinda expected it. Minecraft doesn't have a great record for delivering important features on time, so I'll take what I can get.

And of course there was the Starcraft. The show matches before the finals were extremely funny, with Losira (T) vs MC (Z) probably being the highlight. Lots of joking around, good-natured trashtalking, and funny builds with offraces. For the finals themselves, I was very sure MVP was going to win. So sure, in fact, that I decided to bet a small sum of money on it. The odds were well in his favour but I still made about $20 off it, which is a pretty decent return. So yeah, it's been a good weekend.

I was going to take some pictures of Lat Miku but my camera's mysteriously drained its entire battery just sitting there doing nothing. I've got it on to charge, so I should be able to take the pictures in a day or two.


  1. for situations like that one you should always have a tsundere mask with you

    here's an example

  2. >My image isn't very tsundere

    That feel... I know.

    >my camera's mysteriously drained its entire battery just sitting there doing nothing

    My camera does that too. It always irritates me a bit.

  3. I had people tell me something similar about my voice when I played video games. I don't really know how to react either so I usually say "Oh, thanks..." and try to change the subject. Some people like my voice and some say it's a bit weird. I don't even know anymore.

    I was pretty sure MVP was going to win too. Kind of a shame that the first game was the best one.

  4. I wouldn't know how to respond at all if someone complimented me.

    >Lat Miku

    I'm jealous.

    >but my camera's mysteriously drained its entire battery just sitting there doing nothing.

    And my camera eats batteries so I'll have to invest in rechargeable ones before I use it again.