Sunday, 18 September 2011

Flights! and anime

I finally booked my flights for my trip at the end of the year, so it looks like going to C81 is definitely going to be happening! I'm hoping to have enough money saved by December that I can enjoy lots of good food and drink there as well as funds for assorted doujins from Comiket.  My plan so far is to fly into Tokyo on Boxing Day, go to Comiket, stay for New Years, then take the train to Osaka and spend a few more days there, checking out all the nearby places like Kyoto and Nara as well. Exciting stuff - it's a shame I have to get through a couple more months of uni before I can go.

Since the anime season is essentially over, I think I'll comment on a few of the shows I've been watching as well.

Usagi Drop - Just finished this one last night. I hadn't read the manga, although I had been spoiled as to its ending, but the spoilers didn't turn out to be relevant to the anime thankfully. I really liked this show. Rin was positively adorable throughout, and it was heartwarming watching her and Daikichi, especially as he adapts his life to fit Rin in. The art style was great, with everything looking like it was painted rather than drawn, and this was the only show this season that I watched the OP/ED on every episode for.

Steins;Gate - A great show as well. Then again, I don't really see how a show about a mad scientist (IT'S SO COOL!), time travel, and an evil organisation could be bad. For the last episode I went hunting for Dr Pepper - I ended up finding some in an American sweets import store - and put on my lab coat just to get myself in the mood. The VN has apparently been extremely quickly translated, so I'm looking forward to that.

Kaiji 2 - It isn't over yet, but I was amazed last episode when I saw that the bog arc remains unresolved, again. The show is glacially paced and I'm convinced it would be better told in half the episodes. It's still not over, and I don't know whether Kaiji ends up winning or not, but there have been so many contrivances so far that I can't bring myself to be too excited.

Tiger & Bunny - I liked it more in the first half when it was a monster-of-the-week show with interesting characters, and some development shown between episodes. The latter half all just seemed a bit silly for me, with some important story points being led into extensively then resolved very quickly and unexpectedly (sometimes off-screen).

Nichijou - Very hit and miss. Having said that, Yukko was a good character and scenes with her interacting with Mio or Mai were pretty funny. I didn't like the Professor so much. The animation was nice, as expected of KyoAni, and the OPs were great. It just wasn't a very consistent comedy.

The only show I'm watching that will continue into next season is The Idolmaster. I had no expectations for this, but it's been very enjoyable so far. I'm not sure what other shows I'll be watching next season, but I'll probably post about them when I decide.

Anyway it's mid morning and I'm hungry, so I'm going to go make some pancakes. Take it easy!


  1. Interesting that the only series we have in common are Nichijou and Idolmaster. I've been enjoying both of them, so that's cool and all.

    Congrats on getting your plans set. Now you're >living the dream and such.

    Also, I didn't realize that Dr Pepper was so rare elsewhere. I've honestly never cared for it much.

  2. I was so happy that Usagi Drop didn't go that far within the manga's plot! There's also going to be a special (OVA? maybe just one episode?), wonder what they'll do with that.

    Tiger&Bunny did happen a little fast, I also like non-sequential, monster-of-the-week sort of episodes, but the fried rice thing was hilarious XD My whole tumblr dashboard was filled with pictures of fried rice LOL

    Kaiji 2 made me cry. I don't know how I will survive without the Kaiji anime in my life again. The last two years was painful.......

  3. ps. have fun in Japan!! Stay safe!! *_*

  4. Oh man C81, I'd like to go but you know, money...

    If only not Australia and not wanting to bring back certain stuff.

    I'm tempted to read Usagi Drop after that series, I've managed to dodge most of the spoilings.

    Steins;Gate, still waiting on [Steins;Subs] because I don't like swapping subgroup (damn this) but I have really been enjoying the series.

    Kaiji 2... AKUMAAAAAAAAAA Is all I have to say.

  5. I was planning on watching Nichijou when it ended. I didn't watch Usagi drop yet but did I like watching Idolm@ster. Ok T&B did change course but I felt indifferent.

    >important story points being led into extensively then resolved very quickly and unexpectedly (sometimes off-screen)
    That what Maverick wants you to think.

    Booked a flight for the end of the year awesome.

  6. I'm jelly that you're going to Japan. Especially during Comiket.

    It's practically impossible to avoid the spoilers for Usagi Drop unless you don't go to a certain image board. That place always spoils things for me. Steins;Gate was good, I don't know how the movie is going to be handled though. I lost some respect for Kaiji when he asked for a draw. I know it's supposed to be realistic but come on. Nichijou's current episodes aren't making me laugh as hard as the previous ones but it's still enjoyable.

  7. I'm a bit jealous. I'd like to visit Japan, even though flying there and all the crowds are slightly terrifying. I actually don't care for Comiket that much, but visiting Kyoto would be cool.

    I've seen 20 or so episodes of Kaiji 2. It's good (not as good as the first season) but I think the second arc is way too long.

    >i actually thought dr pepper tasted great

    I thought I was the only one who likes Dr Pepper. It's a damn shame it's so expensive, though.