Friday, 23 September 2011

Lat Miku

More aptly known as Hipster Miku, this is another figure to add to my stack of Miku figures. To think that at one stage I firmly believed that one figure per character was the way to go. The timing's pretty good since my Tony Miku is in for repairs (turns out that pose is a bit hard on her feet) and I've got a spot on the Miku shelf in my cabinet that this new figure will fit nicely into.

No shots of the box, because I'm lazy like that, but it's just the normal sort of box with photos of the figure all over it.

A glimpse of things to come

She's pretty small; my 1/8 Racing Miku stands a full head above her. The glasses were a bit tricky to put on, at least until I read the instructions that came with her. The front of her hair comes off, and there are small notches on each side of her head for the arms of the glasses to go in. She comes with a second pair of glasses too, in case the first ones break (they feel pretty delicate).

I like the squarish tie, and she has a nice amount of detail on her skirt and around the bottom of her shirt. I'm not really sure if the symbols on her skirt are supposed to mean anything or not, I'm guessing not. The build quality seems good - I wasn't able to see any paint or sculpt errors on her.

The first base has the figure name written around it a few times

Switching things up a bit - Lat Miku comes with two different bases and microphones, and of course the glasses are optional. The pink base is nice, though I think I prefer the black one.

The other mic is black instead of silver, and looks a little less old-school. But this Miku's such a hipster that I think this mic is a little too mainstream for her.

Now it's time to get down to business. A couple of the pictures above reveal what looks an awful lot like striped panties, and believe it or not they actually are! I have no idea why it's such a rarity on Miku figs, but I'm glad to see them at last. Skirt removed for ease of viewing.

Yep. I don't think there's much I can add here that you can't see well enough for yourself. Such a lewd girl, even with her skirt on she's not exactly well covered.

Gluteal region aside, she's a good figure overall, for what that's worth (I always end up saying that my figures are good, so either I have amazing taste or low standards, and I'm pretty sure it's not the former). I'm a bit worried about her pose, since her left foot is supported by a peg that just rests on the base rather than inserting into it. I hope she doesn't end up collapsing in a few weeks time. 

I'm impressed by the number of parts she came with, since I don't usually expect that sort of thing for a scale figure. I don't think I've ever had a figure come with multiple bases, and it's a nice touch. Miku is too cute in this outfit of hers, especially with the glasses and the butt. I'm very happy with this purchase, especially for the price (she's only about 4000 yen!)

I don't know what to do since Miku is slowly but surely overtaking my collection. I've got two preorders for Miku figures at the moment and I'm sure there'll be more coming out that I want. I might have to buy a new display case just for her. I don't really mind though - as far as problems go, this is a pretty good one to have.

Figure details:
Name: Hatsune Miku Lat式 Ver.
Series: Vocaloid
Scale: 1/8
Company: Good Smile Company
Released: August 2011
Bought from: Amiami


  1. Nice looking figure. I like your multitude of pictures.

    >as far as problems go, this is a pretty good one to have.


  2. I think she turned out quite well. I like glasses on my figures because I think it makes them look much cuter.

    The hip and abdominal pose is interesting too. It look like she either just landed from jumping or she's doing fukkireta.

    I got her myself during the summer as one of my old preorders but I haven't opened her because I don't have a special case and my apartment is quite dusty at the moment, and the sun has been making things humid.

  3. Cutest Miku in my opinion. I'll maybe get her when I'm less poor.

    The pink base looks kind of cheap to be honest. And yeah, the silver microphone looks more suited for a hipster.

  4. >(she's only about 4000 yen!)
    Deal! If I was able to buy it.

  5. I'm pretty satisfied with her as well. I've had mine out for awhile and there doesn't seem to be any problems with her left leg so far.

    I prefer the circular base over the pink one. I don't particularly like the pink one for some reason.

  6. Miku why you so delicious?

  7. Nice butt
    Gets my seal of approval